I never thought that after years of going to school I would still get first day jitters. I am officially a 2nd year college student. I attended a university last year and transferred to a junior college to save more money. My biggest problem is that I do not know what I want to do with my life. I started out as a biochemistry major set on going to medical school, but that quickly changed after I realized I did not want to add more years of education than necessary. When I transferred, I decided on just being a general studies major and take random classes. It was hard to do because I had took most of the ones I needed to. I commute 3 days a week and take the rest of my classes online. Being able to stay home this year has been great but I am already bored of being here and it has only been a week. I set my sites out to get a job but I seem to be cursed with rejection. Will it get better for me? Who knows? I sure hope so.